🌟 Exciting updates from EARASHI Open Call 1 Consolidation Meeting in Leuven! 🌟
We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the two-day meeting, where partners engaged in informative and productive discussions. A big thank you to Flanders Make , Raf Vranken and Muhammad Raheel Afzal for hosting us and organizing an incredible venue for the event!

What’s on the horizon for EARASHI?
📅 By the end of July, applicants of OC1 will receive the results they have been eagerly awaiting.
🔧 Building Block owners are currently gearing up for the upcoming supervision phase of the selected projects.
🗓️ In September, EARASHI will take center stage at the Project Conference during EMO Hannover, organized by CECIMO More to come on it!
🚀 Additionally, September marks the launch of OC2, bringing forth new opportunities and collaborations.

We are filled with anticipation and prepared for all the exciting endeavors that lie ahead. But before diving in, let’s take a moment to recharge and enjoy some well-deserved holidays.

Wishing you all a fantastic summer, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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