Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe, Human-oriented Industry

Safety in the workplace


non-fatal accidents still happen at work



fatal accidents take place in the EU-27



yearly cost for the EU economy 


*Based on figures from 2019

Objectives of the Project


the community and create awareness to facilitate the production and uptake of new AI, Data and Robotics technologies in the application field of production machines.


a variety of validated human-centric approaches to develop smooth interactions and great user experiences at complex workplaces through coaching.


accidents and improve well-being at work using AI, Data, and Robotics in the application field of production machines.


trust and acceptance of collaborative embodied AI in robotic systems for the production machine application field.


the circular economy based on market prediction and economic viability through AI.


early in competitive emerging technologies ,fit for the Green Deal (AI, data and robotics).

Expected Impact

In line with the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan, EARASHI aims to contribute to Europe’s needs to be able to autonomously source and provide crucial services and technologies that are safe and secure for industry and people. Thus, it will help shape secure, trusted, and competitive technologies and as well as enable eco-responsible production and consumption for the production machines/tools field sector.

EARASHI will also promote an open strategic autonomy by leading the development of key digital, enabling, and emerging technologies, sectors, and value chains, and making Europe the first digitally enabled circular, climate-neutral, and sustainable economy.

By investing early in and sustaining competitive emerging enabling technologies, EARASHI will contribute to accelerating an eco-responsible digital transition by 2030.


Open Call#1 Deadline is Over

Open Call#1 Deadline is Over

Dear Innovators, The EARASHI Open Call#1 deadline is OVER 🛑 The submission confirmation email is sent out to your inboxes📩 🎉 Check your inbox ⁉ If you didn't receive it, drop us a message info@earashi.eu or here and we'll make sure everything is in order! ✅ We...

EARASHI-Open Call#1 Setting the Mixed Reality Scene

EARASHI-Open Call#1 Setting the Mixed Reality Scene

On April 3rd the webinar on Mixed Reality were set! In recent years, the terms Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed Reality (MR) are finding their way into the minds of people and corporations with increasing frequency. Although the adoption rate is not yet what many of...

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