EARASHI, Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe, Human-oriented Industry, will launch 2 open calls (February and September 2023) to select 10 projects distributing 2 M€ among them. The selected projects should address one of EARASHI 10 challenges defined by EARASHI advisory board, and publicity announced within the open call.

Besides funding, the selected projects will benefit from EARASHI programme:

  • Integration of a Technical building block of your choice and associated expertise, among the Building Block portfolio offered by EARASHI.
  • Coaching services such as Business, human-centred design, eco-design, cybersecurity, engineering system integration, mentoring & access to validation facility.

The funding instrument will include a lump-sum grant of up to 200 k€ per project for developing solutions at demonstration scale and coaching session during and beyond their development. The total duration of a project is expected to be 15-18 months. Granted company cannot individually receive more than 200 k€. Only startups and SMEs are eligible to receive such funding.

R&D demonstration projects targeting EARASHI challenges will be developed to reach Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 starting form TRL 4-5, following a competitive based approach. The demonstration projects will respond to one of EARASHI 10 challenges, and address EARASHI overall scope:

  • Support the industry in the uptake of advanced digital eco-responsible technologies (in particular AI, Data and Robotics)
  • Support workers in their daily activities and improve their working conditions (safety, health and well-being) leading to a productivity increase
  • Adopt a worker-centric approach by considering worker well-being and health at work (e.g. MSD and stress), design thinking methodology of production machines, worker acceptance and Ethics

The granted projects are expected to have impact on the:

  • Decrease of the number of workers that perceive stress at work / the number of accidents at work / number of workers already suffering from MSD
  • Increase of the number of ROS-users (ROS=Robot Operating System )
  • Improvement of trust in AI, Data and Robotics (implementation of ADR in manufacturing)
  • Machine retrofit and refurbishment
  • Deployment of eco-design approach
  • Standardized, easy, non-hazardous dismantling processes shortened in time and costs

The granted projects products are expected to have market potential and reach commercialization as project’s outcome.

Pan-European demonstration projects (EU member states or Horizon Europe associated countries) are strongly encouraged, through cross-border collaboration either with the EARASHI partners providing the technical Building Blocks and expertise or through the companies building up the proposal.

The project must:

  • Be proposed by a micro-consortium of a minimum of 1 independent legal entity (maximum 2) including exclusively Start-up or SME, established in the Member States of the European Union and its overseas countries and territories (OCT) and Horizon Europe associated Countries
  • Involve an EARASHI building Block partner chosen among the Building Block portfolio.
  • Address one of EARASHI challenges


  • Up to 200 k€  per project
  • 200 k€ max par applicant – Start-up and SME only
  • Start-up:  representing 100% of your project’s total declared budget
  • SME: representing 70% of your project’s total declared budget


  • Call opening: 16/02/2023
  • Call closure: 12/05/2023
  • Notifications to applicants: end of July 2023

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