BB20: MSM (Multi-Layer Stream Mapping) [INEGI]

This BB consists of a lean-based framework (methodology + tool) developed by INEGI, devoted to systems/processes efficiency assessment, mapping hotspots of inefficiency and relation to waste in multi-dimensional variables and groups of KPIs. Original Scorecards for efficiency mapping. Cost graphs disaggregating Non-value added costs from added costs for a given product, and it was developed so that it could process data related to the KPIs and display the results in a scorecard original format in multiple dimensions (time-based periods, KPIs, production orders/products IDs, etc.). Its main features are Mapping Efficiency (Resources, Operational, etc.) in multiple KPIs, system complexity, Costs Value Added and Non-Value Added.

The MSM methodology is an innovative form to map efficiency in a multi-dimensional way, Lean Thinking based, Original Scorecards, VA/NVA cost disaggregation and data monitoring (it is ranked in European Commission Innovation Radar).

Companies interested in the digital transformation of their products or in introducing technological solutions that generate data could be interested in this BB.

A typical use case of this BB would be Production Systems Efficiency Assessment, General Systems Assessment. Resource Efficiency and Operational Efficiency, Efficiency Monitoring, Costs Assessment (VA and NVA).

For this BB implementation, SMEs must ensure that they have enough digitalization of their processes and mature Management System (for instance that values approaches such Lean Manufacturing) so that it can take full advantage of MSM Tool and Methodology.

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January 31, 2023