EARASHI is delighted to announce the successful completion of its first open call (OC1), which sought innovative proposals from across the European Union in the realm of human-centric approach robotics solutions.

The response to the open call was great, with a total of 46 proposals received from talented individuals and companies across 13 European countries. Among these, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, and France stood out, hosting a large majority of the contributors.

Out of 46 applications received, 25% of the proposals were collaborative efforts, jointly written by two companies, fostering a spirit of cooperation and knowledge-sharing within the European AI community.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the OC1 results is the representation of diverse company sizes. The spectrum covers a range from very small SMEs (1-10 people) and startups to large SMEs (51-250 people), reflecting the inclusive and accessible nature of the initiative.

After a rigorous evaluation process, EARASHI is pleased to announce the selection of five proposals for funding and support. These exceptional projects stood out for their innovation, potential impact, and alignment with EARASHI’s vision of advancing artificial intelligence research and applications in Europe.

The selected projects are as follows:

  • AutoANT (ANT Maschinen GmbH, Germany)
  • MAS-AI (Spin Robotics Aps, Denmark)
  • AIWELD (StreamOwl Private Company, Greece)
  • MANIAC (Bytefabrik.AI GmbH, Germany)

EARASHI congratulates the selected companies and expresses appreciation to all the participants for their enthusiasm and dedication to shaping the future of AI in Europe. We look forward to supporting the development and realization of these projects to drive innovation and bolster the European AI ecosystem.

Stay tuned for updates and further opportunities to engage with EARASHI, as OC2 will be launched in September 2023 through which another 5 project will be selected. We continue to foster excellence and collaboration in the realm of artificial intelligence and robotics.