Human-Centered Industry: Inclusiveness and Ethics

November 15, 2023, 11:00 – 12:00 (CET)


The concept of a human-centered industry (HCI) is gaining momentum as a driving force for sustainability and inclusivity in industrial sectors. The transition from Industry 4.0 to emerging Industry 5.0 signifies significant transformations in manufacturing. While Industry 4.0 emphasizes efficiency and automation, Industry 5.0 envisions a future where technology and humanity collaborate to foster sustainability and innovation. This evolution presents both opportunities, such as new avenues for value creation and revenue generation, and challenges, including humanizing work, increased automation, and advanced services.

In the EARASHI project, we will deliver HCI coaching services to the selected companies and four webminars—An overview and Human Factors (1), Inclusiveness and Ethics (2), Tools for Human Factors Evaluation (3), Technology Acceptance (4)—to help organizations develop products and services that are truly centered around the needs and preferences of their users towards Industry 5.0.


This second webinar, in the series of the four webinars, will introduce the key concepts of inclusive design and ethics in industry. It will discuss the challenges posed by an ageing population, the importance of accessibility, and the benefits of creating inclusive solutions for an ageing workforce. The webinar will also explore the nuances of diversity and intersectionality in design, and offer practical methods and case studies for implementing inclusive design principles in industry where industrial environments are accessible, inclusive, and ethical. Objectively, this webminar equips participants with the fundamental knowledge to champion inclusivity and accessibility in their respective industrial domains.


Nguyen Ngoc Hien

Lecturer and researcher specializing in Industrial Design Innovation at DBZ (Diseinu Berrikuntza Zentroa) within the engineering faculty of Mondragon Unibertsitatea. His research focuses on the field of Human-Centered Design, where he thrives in the idea of placing humans at the core of technological advancements towards Industry 5.0. His academic journey has been enriched by his completed involvement in Digital Manufacturing and Design, funded by the European Horizon program, and currently in the ongoing project of EARASHI.

His most important areas of technical interest include:

  •  Human-Centered Industry
  • Sustainable Product-Service System and Servitization
  • AI-enabled human-centered services
  • Data analytics, manufacturing excellence (Lean Six Sigma)
Arantxa Gonzalez de Heredia

Lecturer and researcher at the Design Innovation Center DBZ (Diseinu Berrikuntza Zentroa) within the engineering faculty of Mondragon Unibertsitatea since 2005. Since 2010 her research focuses on the integration of diversity into the different phases of the design process. Doctor on “Integrating ageing aspects into the Human Centered Design methodology” she was a visiting researcher at the Inclusive Design team of the University of Cambridge. She developed several projects related to Inclusive Design in collaboration with Fundación ONCE and Elkartu and developed the tools INKLUGI (to evaluate the level of exclusion caused by a product or service) and ELDERPERSONAS (to understand diversity among elderly people). She is author of several publications in international conferences and journals. She works also on the inclusion of sex and gender variables in research and took part on the European project PLOTINA “Promoting gender balance and inclusion on research, innovation and training”.

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