BB14: Data Operationalization Methodologies [INEGI]

This Building Block could be described as a set of tools to support the process of digitalization in production equipment and processes, ranging from identifying the goals of digital transformation and aligning them with the company’s strategic vision, to continuously collect data and understanding the behaviour of the main variables involved. It was created in order to create procedures to support the process of digitalization and data operationalization in production equipment, being this a process that covers several areas of knowledge – IT, OT, Automation, etc.- and which can imply a major change, both in terms of the necessary skills and in terms of the company’s mindset, this methodology was created in order to contribute to a change as smooth as possible.

The Building Block has the following features in order to support data operationalization: Goals Mapping, Data Sources Identification and Classification, Fundamental Architecture, Data Acquisition Implementation, Harvesting and Usefulness, and Analytics Automation, and at the time of the development of this methodology, no other solution was found that would support the overcoming of the same challenges and that would provide a set of tools with the same objectives.

This BB mainly fits companies interested in the digital transformation of their products or in introducing technological solutions that generate data.

A typical use-case of the BB would be a production machines manufacturer, interested in transforming its product towards digitalization, by introducing IT and OT layers for data acquisition, aggregation/processing, visualization and analytics.

However, a requirement for this BB is that SMEs must ensure they understand the change in mindset adjacent to digital transformation and the financial capacity to acquire hardware and software that in the BB implementation may be identified as relevant to the context, whether for data acquisition, aggregation/processing or storage.

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January 31, 2023