Mentoring by Industrial pairs and access to validation facilities [STM]

Get the support from EARASHI industrial partners for the elaboration of the mentoring plan and standardisation of the contents, the definition of requirements & validation phases, with a dedicated focus on interfacing with industrial partners and grant owners. Roundtable meetings to “Exchange experiences”, focusing on similar background, and relevant AE similarities, and where relevant virtual/physical visits to industrial sites will be organised.

Following the cybersecurity workshops, the industrial partners will help beneficiaries identify entities to perform cybersecurity diagnosis where appropriate.

Specific access to testing and validation facilities of embodied AI when required. 

To best address the project and the foreseen needs of the company, the applicant can benefit from industrial mentoring for

  • Industrialization process of the project: requirement phase, appropriate component selection, costs reduction strategy, guidance for certification approach (to select the best approach), etc.
  • Integration consultancy
  • Validation of processes and projects
  • Consultancy on automation proposals
  • Simulation and project design proposals
  • Implementation / design of the use-case for testing the project outcomes.