On April 3rd the webinar on Mixed Reality were set!

In recent years, the terms Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed Reality (MR) are finding their way into the minds of people and corporations with increasing frequency. Although the adoption rate is not yet what many of these mixed reality providers hoped for, it’s becoming clear that the technology shows great potential in various industries.

While this is the case, there still exists a lot of confusion around the aforementioned terminology. Therefore, the goal of this webinar is twofold. Primarily, we want to clear up possible confusion around the terms associated with Mixed Reality. This will be done by providing the audience with a framework to define MR applications in all their various forms.

However, to prevent the session from being a purely semantic discussion, real-life examples from existing Mixed Reality use cases within Flanders Make will be used to guide the discussion. With this, we show how MR can enhance the Make industry.  Thereby accommodating the second goal of this webinar.

After this webinar, the audience , firstly, have a more clear understanding of Mixed Reality, and secondly, are inspired to adopt the current MR technology into their own use cases. Moreover, this presentation is just the starting point of a series of follow-up presentations. Where each follow-up will delve deeper into one of the aforementioned Flanders Make use-cases, while also having room for audience questions and discussion.

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